Bow Quiver Top 6 Picks for 2023: Find the Perfect Bow Accessory

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As an avid archer myself, I understand the importance of having the right equipment. One essential accessory for any archer is a reliable and functional bow quiver. In this article, I’ll guide you through the top 6 bow quivers available in the market, providing helpful suggestions and reasons for my recommendations. So, let’s dive in and find the perfect quiver for your archery adventures!


When it comes to archery, having easy access to your arrows is crucial for a seamless shooting experience. This is where a bow quiver comes into play. A bow quiver is a specialized accessory that holds your arrows securely while keeping them within arm’s reach. As an archer, I have personally experienced the convenience and practicality of using a bow quiver, and I can confidently say that it enhances both the efficiency and enjoyment of the sport.

Understanding Bow Quivers

Before delving into the top recommendations, let’s understand the basics of bow quivers. A bow quiver is a device designed to attach to your bow, providing a safe and convenient storage solution for your arrows. It eliminates the need for carrying a separate arrow case and allows you to focus on your shooting technique without any distractions.

There are primarily two types of bow quivers: detachable and non-detachable. Detachable quivers can be easily removed from the bow when not in use, while non-detachable quivers are permanently attached. Both types have their advantages, and your choice depends on your personal preferences and shooting style.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bow Quiver

To ensure you make the best choice, consider the following factors when selecting a bow quiver:

A. Quiver Capacity and Arrow Compatibility- The number of arrows you typically use during a session will determine the quiver capacity you require. Consider your shooting needs and choose a quiver that can accommodate an adequate number of arrows. Additionally, ensure that the quiver is compatible with the arrow diameter and length you use.

B. Attachment Methods and Adjustability- Look for a quiver that offers secure attachment to your bow. Different quivers use various attachment methods such as screws, brackets, or magnetic systems. Also, check for adjustability features that allow you to position the quiver according to your preference.

C. Material and Construction Quality- A durable and well-constructed quiver will withstand the rigors of archery. Common materials include nylon, leather, and plastic. Choose a quiver made from high-quality materials to ensure longevity and protection for your arrows.

Top 6 Bow Quivers Recommendations

Now, let’s explore the top 6 bow quivers available in the market:

Trophy Ridge Lite-1 Quiver

The Trophy Ridge Lite-1 Quiver is recommended for archers who prioritize a lightweight and adjustable option. Its lightweight design reduces the overall weight of the bow, allowing for improved manoeuvrability during shooting. The adjustable mounting bracket ensures a customizable fit, providing optimal comfort for the archer. Additionally, the quick-detach system allows for easy removal when not in use. With its secure arrow-holding capacity, this quiver offers both convenience and reliability.


  • Lightweight design: The quiver’s lightweight construction enhances manoeuvrability and reduces fatigue during shooting sessions.
  • Adjustable mounting bracket: The mounting bracket can be easily adjusted, allowing for personalized positioning and optimal comfort.
  • Quick-detach system: The quiver features a quick-detach system that enables easy removal when not in use.
  • Holds 5 arrows securely: With a secure arrow-holding capacity, the quiver ensures quick and convenient access to arrows.


  • Limited arrow capacity: Compared to some other models, the quiver’s arrow capacity may be relatively low, requiring more frequent arrow replenishment.
  • Mounting bracket adjustments: The mounting bracket may require occasional readjustment to ensure the best fit and positioning.

TightSpot 5-Arrow Quiver

The TightSpot 5-Arrow Quiver is recommended for archers seeking versatility and durability. Its right or left-handed configuration caters to the preferences of different archers, ensuring a comfortable shooting experience. The adjustable tension arm provides a secure and customized fit for arrows, reducing noise and vibrations. With its durable construction, this quiver can withstand rugged conditions. By holding arrows close to the bow, it improves balance and stability, ultimately enhancing shooting accuracy.

Tightspot 5 arrow quiver


  • Right or left-handed configuration: The quiver offers the flexibility to be configured for right-handed or left-handed archers, accommodating individual preferences.
  • Adjustable tension arm: The tension arm can be adjusted to provide a secure and customized fit for arrows, reducing noise and vibrations.
  • Durable construction: Crafted with durable materials, the quiver ensures long-lasting performance even in rugged conditions.
  • Holds 5 arrows close to the bow: By holding arrows in close proximity to the bow, the quiver enhances balance and stability during shooting.


  • Slightly heavier: Compared to some other quivers, this model may have slightly more weight, which could lead to fatigue during extended shooting sessions.
  • Tension arm adjustments: Fine-tuning of the tension arm may be necessary at times to ensure optimal arrow retention.

Easton Deluxe Field Quiver

The Easton Deluxe Field Quiver is highly recommended for archers who prioritize versatility and organization. With its spacious design and multiple pockets, this quiver offers ample storage space for arrows, accessories, and personal items. The adjustable arrow dividers allow for customization and secure arrow placement, ensuring easy access and protection. The integrated belt clip and D-rings provide convenient attachment options for additional accessories. Made from durable materials, the Easton Deluxe Field Quiver ensures long-lasting performance in various shooting environments.

Easton Deluxe Field Quiver


  • Spacious design and multiple pockets: The Easton Deluxe Field Quiver offers ample storage space with multiple pockets. This allows you to carry not only arrows but also various accessories and personal items, keeping them organized and easily accessible.
  • Adjustable arrow dividers: The quiver’s adjustable arrow dividers allow for customization based on the size and type of arrows you use. This ensures a secure and organized placement of arrows, reducing the risk of damage or loss.
  • Integrated belt clip and D-rings: The Easton Deluxe Field Quiver features an integrated belt clip and D-rings, providing versatile attachment options for additional accessories such as rangefinders, releases, or binoculars.


  • Added bulk and weight: Due to its larger size and added pockets, the Easton Deluxe Field Quiver may add bulk and weight to your setup. This could impact the overall balance and manoeuvrability of your bow.
  • Arrow security: To prevent arrows from rattling or falling out, it is important to properly adjust the arrow dividers within the quiver. Failure to do so may result in unwanted movement or potential damage to arrows.
  • Belt clip attachment: The belt clip attachment may not fit all belt sizes securely, which could lead to the quiver shifting or coming loose during shooting or movement.

Bohning Lynx Bow Quiver

The Bohning Lynx Bow Quiver is recommended for archers seeking a lightweight and compact option. Its lightweight and compact design reduces the overall weight and bulk of the bow, making it easy to carry during hunting or shooting trips. The secure arrow grip ensures that arrows stay firmly in place even during vigorous movements. The quick-detach system allows for swift removal, enabling seamless transitions during shooting sessions. With its capacity to hold 4 arrows securely, this quiver provides sufficient ammunition for various shooting scenarios.

Bohning Lynx 4 arrow quiver


  • Secure arrow retention: The Lynx quiver features a dual-retainer system that securely holds standard carbon arrows with fixed or mechanical broadheads. This ensures that your arrows stay in place and reduces the risk of accidental dislodging during transportation or movement .
  • Durable and lightweight: The quiver is made of a durable yet lightweight composite stem, making it easy to carry without adding excessive weight to your setup.
  • Sound-dampening liner: The “wrap-around” hood style of the quiver includes a sound-dampening liner, reducing noise caused by arrow movement and providing a quieter shooting experience.
  • Lever-Lock mounting system: The Lynx quiver comes with a Lever-Lock mounting system, which allows for easy attachment and detachment from the bow.


  • Build quality concerns: Some users have expressed mixed feelings about the build quality of the Lynx quiver, suggesting that it could benefit from more flexibility in its construction material.
  • Limited arrow capacity: The quiver can hold up to four arrows, which may be insufficient for archers who prefer to carry a larger number of arrows.
  • Compatibility limitations: The Lynx quiver is designed to hold arrows with a standard (.246) carbon diameter. If you use arrows with smaller diameters (.166 or .204), additional retainers would need to be purchased separately.

Kwikee Kwiver Combo 4-Arrow Quiver

The Kwikee Kwiver Combo 4-Arrow Quiver is an ideal choice for archers who value simplicity and ease of use. With its lightweight and compact design, this quiver provides excellent balance and maneuverability. The quick-detach bracket allows for convenient attachment and removal, while the adjustable arrow grippers ensure a secure hold on the arrows. The ambidextrous design makes it suitable for both right and left-handed archers. The durable construction and reliable performance of the Kwikee Kwiver Combo 4-Arrow Quiver make it a popular option for archers of all skill levels.

Kwikee Kwiver Combo 4-Arrow Quiver


  • Lightweight and compact design: The Kwikee Kwiver Combo 4-Arrow Quiver is designed to be lightweight and compact, offering excellent balance and maneuverability, which is particularly beneficial for archers who value agility.
  • Quick-detach bracket: The quiver’s quick-detach bracket enables easy attachment and removal, allowing you to quickly transition from using the quiver to shooting without the additional weight or interference.
  • Adjustable arrow grippers: The adjustable arrow grippers securely hold the arrows in place, preventing unwanted movement or noise during transportation or shooting.


  • Limited arrow capacity: Similar to other compact quivers, the Kwikee Kwiver Combo 4-Arrow Quiver has a limited arrow capacity. If you require a larger number of arrows, you may need to consider alternative quiver options.
  • Noise and vibration: Some users have reported that the quiver may produce noise and vibration during shooting, potentially affecting shooting accuracy and potentially spooking game.
  • Bulkier compared to other models: While the quiver is compact, it may still add some bulk to your bow setup. If you prioritize a streamlined and minimalistic look, you may find this quiver to be slightly bulkier compared to other options.

CBE Tactic 5 Quiver Black

The CBE Tactic 5 Quiver Black is highly recommended for archers seeking a versatile, durable, and adjustable quiver. With its ability to accommodate different arrow types, it ensures compatibility with various shooting preferences. The quiver’s sturdy construction guarantees long-lasting performance, while the adjustable mounting bracket allows for personalized positioning. Its quick-detach system facilitates easy installation and removal, enhancing convenience during shooting sessions. Additionally, the quiver’s lightweight design improves balance and manoeuvrability. Although it has a limited arrow capacity of five, the CBE Tactic 5 Quiver Black remains a reliable choice for archers who prioritize functionality and quality.

CBE Tactic 5 Quiver Black


  • Versatile: The CBE Tactic 5 Quiver Black can accommodate different arrow types, making it suitable for various shooting preferences.
  • Durable: Constructed with high-quality materials, this quiver offers long-lasting performance, even in demanding shooting conditions.
  • Adjustable Mounting Bracket: The quiver features an adjustable mounting bracket, allowing archers to personalize the positioning for improved comfort and convenience.
  • Quick-Detach System: The quick-detach system makes it easy to attach and detach the quiver, enhancing efficiency during shooting sessions.
  • Lightweight: With its lightweight design, the quiver minimizes additional weight on the bow, improving balance and maneuverability.


  • Limited Arrow Capacity: The quiver has a capacity of only five arrows, which may be insufficient for archers requiring a larger number of arrows.
  • Limited Color Options: The quiver is available only in black, which may limit options for those looking for more color variety.
  • Mounting System Compatibility: While the quiver is designed to work with most bows, compatibility with some specific models may vary.


Finding the perfect bow quiver can significantly enhance your archery experience. By considering factors such as quiver capacity, attachment methods, and material quality, you can make an informed decision. In this article, we’ve explored the top 6 bow quivers available in the market, each with its own unique features and benefits. Remember to choose a quiver that suits your specific needs and preferences to maximize your shooting potential.

So, whether you’re a target shooter or an avid hunter, invest in a high-quality bow quiver and enjoy the convenience and functionality it brings to your archery journey.


  1. Can I use any type of bow quiver with my recurve bow?
  • Yes, most bow quivers are compatible with recurve bows. However, it’s essential to ensure that the quiver you choose is suitable for your specific bow model.
  1. Are there any specific quivers recommended for hunting?
  • Yes, certain bow quivers are designed with features that make them ideal for hunting. Look for quivers with noise reduction technology and quick access to arrows for a more efficient hunting experience.
  1. How do I attach a bow quiver to my bow?
  • The attachment method may vary depending on the quiver model. Typically, it involves securing the quiver to the bow using screws, brackets, or magnetic systems. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for proper attachment guidelines.
  1. Can I customize the number of arrow slots in a quiver?
  • Some quivers offer modular designs that allow you to customize the number of arrow slots. This flexibility can be beneficial if you prefer to carry a specific number of arrows during your shooting sessions.
  1. What materials are commonly used to make bow quivers?
  • Bow quivers are commonly made from materials such as nylon, leather, and plastic. Each material offers different levels of durability and protection for your arrows. Choose a material that suits your needs and preferences.
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